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We are a leading professional body for tax professionals, we pride ourselves on the commercial relevance of our programmes.



The Institute of Certified Tax Accountants provides a range of services, combined to offer a wealth of expert, timely and relevant tax information to fulfill our members' professional requirements.

The Institute encourages and supports a life-long collaboration with members - from qualification as a Registered Tax Accountant through our professional programme, on to our range of professional development events and information services. We ensure that our members are equipped with all the skills and knowledge required to succeed.

The Institute of Certified Tax Accountants offers unrivaled networking opportunities. Our events including our conferences are attended by senior figures from the tax profession, revenue at regional and national levels, government and the broader business environment, promoting openness and alliance.

ICTA's relationships and ongoing engagement with tax policymakers and administrators ensure that our members' views and recommendations are consistently represented at all levels. As an ICTA member, you can play an active part in resolving difficulties you may be experiencing, as well as shaping the conditions for your business and those of your clients, to prosper.

Most importantly, ICTA membership leads to lasting friendships, facilitating idea sharing and exchange of experiences with your fellow professionals.

Reasons for joining the Institute as a Member?

  • The Institute of Certified Tax Accountants is Zimbabwe's sole and international leading professional tax body and is recognized by PAAB as the preeminent qualification for public tax practice in Zimbabwe.
  • The Institute of Certified Tax Accountants is a member-focused and responsive institution dedicated to the needs of Registered Public Tax Accountants.
  • Only members of the Institute of Certified Tax Accountants can use the professional designation - Registered Public Tax Accountant.
  • Zimbabwe's only independent authority on tax policy and research.
  • ICTA offers the leading tax seminar/ conference programme in Zimbabwe.
  • ICTA is Zimbabwe's largest publisher of taxation titles
  • ICTA’s Taxation Magazine is the leading source of taxation information for the profession in Zimbabwe including Taxation Newsletter - our weekly online publication.
  • ICTA members receive a free copy of our quarterly Taxation Magazine, the leading tax journal in Zimbabwe.
  • ICTA actively promotes the taxation profession and the value added by Registered Tax Accountants.
  • 4 editions of the Taxation Magazine, delivered to your door and online access to current subscription year edition
  • Access to 52 issues of the Tax Newsletter, the weekly e-newsletter and daily online Tax News Updates
  • Access to Zimbabwean’s largest online Tax Library and online Tax Support for your research enquiries
  • Discounts on selected Institute products, services and professional development events
  • Ability to participate in state-based discussion forums
  • Use of designations (Hon.FICTA for Honorary Fellows, FICTA for Fellows, AICTA for Associates, Grad.ICTA for Graduates, Tech.ICTA for Technicians)
  • Membership Certificates (Fellows, Associates, Graduates and Technicians only)
  • Networking at professional development and social events
  • Being associated with a proudly independent opinion leader
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